Jean has always been my "big sister". My earliest pre-school memory is the day she took me to school with her. She really "made my day".

Growing up, Jean was always a good sport when your aunt Anna and I would tease her about her dates when they visited our home.

Jean's college years were not easy for her or our Dad. Both were strong willed. It seems Jean never learned to budget her financial resources.

When love bloomed between your father and Jean many changes came about. Jean had been diagnosed with MS but was doing well. As my parents were dying in the 1958-1959 time period, Jean lived with them and cared for them at home and in the hospital.

We were pleased when Jean and Ed were married in 1961. Over the years we came to know Ed, you and Mark by visiting.

Jean had a great love of cooking. Our mother, Frances, and grandmother, Baba, were great cooks. Jean learned much from them.

Jean was the violin virtuoso in the family. By comparison, Anna and I were amateurs, even after 10 or 12 years of lessons.

Jean, Anna and I shared a great love for each other even though we did not always agree on issues.

It is hard to understand that Jean fought the MS battle for so may decades with so few complaints.

We will all miss her, always.

Uncle George